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Kids Paintball Prices – Delta Force Paintball

Kids paintball prices are as follows


Kids paintball by the USAF aircraft at Delta Force Paintball Dingley Melbourne

Kids Paintball has been specifically designed as a safe but still exciting alternative to the standard compressed air charged paintball game, incorporating the latest in paintball technology with custom-designed pump action paintball guns using a powerful spring mechanism that propels the MiniBalls with surprising effect. MiniBall players get to play on the same full sized fields of play (with smaller paintball equipment) and under professional supervision with specific rules of engagement designed for their fun, safety and enjoyment. They are kitted out with full protective paintball combat gear so they are not only safe but enjoy the full spectrum of the paintball game.

Kids Paintball at $19.95 includes:


MiniBall Session Prices 

$25 for the first session (includes 100 MiniBalls)

$20 for the second session (includes 100 MiniBalls)

$15 for the third session (includes 100 MiniBalls)

$10 for the final session (includes 100 MiniBalls)


* MiniBalls cannot be transferred into the following session


New Armoured Gloves and Groin Protection are also available for a small fee and are yours to keep.

Drinks and chocolates are available at the kiosk.

Lockers are available for hire.