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Cool paintball fields

Kids Paintball is inherently a safe and fun activity in our cool paintball fields.

Cool paintball fields for kids, you can play on movie-themed game scenarios with amazing game zone props and themeing.

Cool paintball fieldsThe adrenaline-pumping action of the Tomb Raider scenario sees you battle your way in to this giant stone pyramid where you must locate the ancient idol and return to your base camp before the competition seize it and use its powers for evil.


Dodge City challenges you to secure the loot in the bank before the bandits arrive to make off with it. Use the cover of the General Store, Church and the Blacksmiths to ensure you can keep the robbers at bay. Trap the bandits in the jail for extra points!


One of the most popular games for Miniballers is Speedball. This intense game combines close-quarter fighting with lightning reflexes to ensure you are the last man standing. Do you have what it takes to withstand the barrage of fire and the deafening noise of battle to walk away the victor?


The signature field is Checkpoint Charlie. In this scenario, you are required to defend your military aircraft whilst sending out a team to destroy the enemy aircraft on the other side of the heavily-defended ridge. Can you be the first to place the detonators on the opposing aircraft or will you leave your airfield exposed to enemy attack?


Cool paintball fields

Gold Rush at our Melbourne centre has Specks of gold have been found in a nearby town, leading to a rush of digging. The tension is rising with the increasing population at the goldfield and violence has spread in an attempt to drive the unwanted diggers out. You, the local constable, need to act quickly to stop the uprising of the mob.

Can you and the local police prevent the riots?