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About MiniBall

What is MiniBall?

Young miniball player at Delta Force Dingley Melbourne

MiniBall is an exciting variation of the popular game of Paintball that has been tailor designed to accommodate players too young, according state laws, to play the regular paintball game.

MiniBall uses a light, pump-action gun to fire smaller paintballs at a rate that is still exciting but keeps the weapons from being included and covered by the more restricting regulations of paintball itself. The rules of the MiniBall game, when playing with Delta Force Paintball, are the same as the older version of paintball, including the professional marshalling and awesome game zone fields. MiniBall players are therefore not disadvantaged by having to play lesser fields or by less exciting game play rules. The experience is just as memorable and exciting for the MiniBallers because they have the same movie-quality game props and objectives to battle for. The biggest advantage is that children as young as 8 years of age are able to participate in this variation of the sport.


Safety with Delta Force Miniball is simply the best in the world. All participants play in full head helmets covering the entire head, camouflage overalls, ammunition packs, body armour and armoured gloves. Even though the MiniBall version of a paintball gun does fire paintballs at the same velocity as the regular paintball guns, Delta Force Paintball takes no chances with either the players safety or our 100% safety record. Both are very important to us. MiniBall has been specifically researched and developed for players from the age of 8 years and provides a legal way of enjoying the fantastic sport of Paintball that children their age are able to enjoy in other states of Australia and indeed around the world.


On a day of mini paintball action kids birthday parties are a hit at Delta Force Paintball. We offer the best experience with a focus on customer safety and enjoyment. That’s why we are the world leader in Paintball games.