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Paintball For Kids

MiniBall an exciting variation of Paintball for kids.

Paintball for kids. Australia has a variety of regulations governing the operations of paintball and who can play the game. Minimum ages for kids paintball ranges from as young as 10 yrs in South Australia. And through to 16 years of age in Victoria. Rather than allow enthusiastic would be players have to wait until they are old enough to play the more high powered version of paintballing. Delta Force Paintball Melbourne and Canberra are delivering MiniBall to those states that need it most. Instead of using air-charged paintball guns and larger paintballs, MiniBall uses a pump-action gun to discharge magazines of smaller caliber paintballs. The game play is the same, as is the professional marshalling. MiniBall players find that it’s just as memorable as the normal paintball experience.

Paintball for kids, defending the usaf aircraft at Delta Force Dingley near Melbourne

Delta Force Miniball safety is second to none. We issue kids with full head helmets covering the entire head. Kids are also issued with camouflage overalls, ammunition packs, body armour and armoured gloves. This variation has been researched and developed for players from the age of 8 years. This gives these youngsters a legal way of enjoying the fantastic sport of Paintball that children their age are able to enjoy in other states of Australia and indeed around the world.

Delta Force offers an exciting, safe, convenient and healthy environment for everyone to enjoy an action-packed day of paintball adventure. Our amazing game scenarios offer the perfect weekend or holiday visit for children and adults alike. Delta Force has an outstanding safety record and an enviable reputation for organising great days out.

Our trained marshals have years of experience in paintball games, and create an exciting atmosphere in the scenarios, whilst ensuring the safety and comfort of all players.